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Swiss Army Knife iPhone Case Raises Value Of iPhone

  • Author:William Usher
  • Source:iphoneinformer
  • Release Date:2013-07-29

You know how you sometimes end up in a rough jam and need to get out of it? Well, with the new Swiss army knife iPhone case you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in a situation where you need something useful but don’t have it.

Complex does a nice write-up on the case, which is actually called the TaskOne iPhone Case, bringing survival aspects to the case and enabling users to cut, screw, flick and pick their way out of a bind using their iPhone.

The case comes with a rocking 22 different tools to help you out in whatever case you need, whether its unscrewing a jammed plate or cutting away a piece of tangled wire, the TaskOne will have you covered.

However, the usefulness of this case comes at a price and you’ll need to fork over $100 cool ones if you want the TaskOne survival case. You can learn more over on the official website.