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LETV 4 port portable USB fast charger

  • Author:Chongdiantou
  • Source:Chongdiantou
  • Release Date:2016-06-29

LETV 4 port portable USB fast charger

  Recently, LETV store shelves a 4 port portable USB fast charger, equipped with a USB-C port and three USB-A port,

compatible with the mainstream market mobile phones and digital devices, priced at 129 CNY. But, the charger has

 not officially sold.

  The volume of LETV fast charger is very compact, measuring only 48 * 22 * 46mm, shell is made of ABS + PC fire-retardant

material integrally molded, can withstand 750 ℃ high temperature, with a USB port dust cover,it also used mobile phone 

stents, more practical.

  QC2.0 (5V2A / 9V1.5A / 12V1.5A) * 1 + USB-A port (5V2.1A) * 2 + USB-C port (5V3A) * 1, total output of 48W.QC port

maximum output 12V1.5A 18W, remaining 3 port total output 5V 6A 30W. We learned from the supply chain,this product

is a breakthrough in the electrical industry OEM manufacturers, quality be safeguarded.

  Compared to the previous Xiaomi launched 4 port charger, LETV fast charger does not use the folding of this pin,

it has 8 word power line, better flexibility, output support QC2.0 fast charge, but the price is more expensive.

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