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iPhone 7 wireless headphones may be name AirPods

  • Author:CNBETA
  • Source:CNBETA
  • Release Date:2016-07-16
From the information currently available, Apple iPhone will be cancelled on 7 3.5mm headphone ports, switching to Lightning-port or Bluetooth solutions. In the wireless solutions, iPhone 7 headphone may be used ‘AirPods’ logo, rumor last October complete the trademark register into apples seems to name, though there is no direct evidence.

Current query ‘AirPods’ trademarks belonging to a company called ‘Entertainment in Flight LLC’ of unknown companies, most likely Apple's operations typical shell companies used to hide the real identity. Apple had previously used these unknown companies registered trademarks, including the ‘iPad’ and ‘CarPlay’ and eventually used in the product name, also includes "iWatch" but in the end chose to use other trademarks.

Current signature Entertainment in Flight LLC is ‘Jonathan Brown’, based on the query Apple there is, indeed, a Manager for the post of ‘high-standard legal adviser’, investment dealing mainly with technical standards bodies and open source software, rolex replica watches and is also responsible for intellectual property issues after chip maker Rambus is responsible for maintenance of trademarks and patents and litigation.