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Google shelve VR helmet project to pool their resources to create VR mobile platform

  • Author:Tech 163
  • Source:Tech 163
  • Release Date:2016-07-30

The past few years, Google's ambitions of virtual reality is making slow but steady progress. Initially, Google has introduced virtual reality equipment cheap, heavy Cardboard. In May of this year's I/O Developer Conference, Google launched Android-based mobile virtual reality platform Daydream. But in fact, Google initially wanted to launch standalone virtual reality hardware devices. Google had to create separate virtual reality helmets, compete with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

But people familiar with the bid said, Google recently announced the development of high-end independent virtual reality helmet internal plans, and to focus all of its resources first to create virtual reality platform. Google Daydream projects mainly for Smartphone application development tools, games and services provided, rather than build an expensive hardware. Back in May, Google released Daydream platform, it is more advanced than the Cardboard, and said it would create its own Daydream helmet.

Meanwhile, Google x have different virtual reality research laboratory project to compete with Oculus Rift have a direct and HTC Vive. About 50 people are involved in this project, to a large extent, they may focus on building virtual reality platform. Most importantly, this project will develop different from independent of the Android operating system.

It is not yet clear how long Google plans. Sources said, the project team to Google Vice President of virtual reality Kelei·bawoer (Clay Bavor) reported. Of course, Google has put on hold or to change a number of projects, in particular from research laboratory project x. But use an independent virtual reality helmet's move heralds the company on Facebook, Samsung, HTC cheap replica watches and other virtual reality hardware not interested in direct competition, these companies expensive virtual reality equipment has been released.

When Google launched a Daydream, and insiders believe this is Google's implementation of bottom-up ways to subvert the virtual reality field. But shelved the project does not mean that Google give up developing virtual reality helmet, just means that it is now focused on the mobile platform. In fact, it's a good thing. Google is more focused on mobile platform based on virtual reality, when the Daydream is finally available for the consumer, more powerful in its functions.

To virtual reality to the masses, there may be no way better than a Smartphone. Almost all of them already have smart phones, and often used. Maybe it's not as powerful as Oculus Rift, but most people don't seem to require high performance game.