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Replacing iPhone 5 Screen Protector

  • Author:Brett Hartt
  • Source:Brett Hartt
  • Release Date:2013-10-07


Carefully peel the cardboard strip labeled "open" off of the screen protector packaging.


Using the included microfiber cloth, clean the screen of the iPhone, removing any fingerprints or dust that may have settled on the screen.

It is important to clean the screen really well before you apply the screen protector. Once the screen protector is applied, it is very difficult to remove any dust or fingerprints from underneath it.


Without removing any of the screen protector films, test the screen protector for a good fit on your iPhone

Starting with the home button, align the screen protector so that the cutaway for the home button is concentric with the button. Also, make sure that the earpiece cutaway fits nicely and that all the edges and corners line up.

  • The cutout at the top of the screen protector extends to the side so that it does not cover the ambient light sensor.

  • Small deviations will not affect the performance of the screen protector and will most likely not be noticeable once the screen protector is applied.


Holding the screen protector in one hand, pull the tab labeled "Step 1" down and peel the backing film halfway off the screen protector.

  • Starting near the top of the iPhone with the newly exposed surface facing down, align the top edge and corners of the screen protector with the iPhone.

  • Gently press the screen protector onto the iPhone, ensuring that the corners and top edge are properly aligned.


  • While using one hand to peel the backing film from the screen protector, use the other had to guide and smooth the screen protector as you lay it on the surface of the iPhone.

  • Continue peeling the backing film out from under the screen protector until the two are separated, leaving the screen protector completely seated on the iPhone.


Using the included squeegee, push any remaining air bubbles out from under the screen protector.

Some air bubbles may not make it all the way to the edge, no matter how much you push them. Don't worry, they will disappear within 24 hours, provided there is no dust in them.


Once you are satisfied with the position of the screen protector, gently peel the film labeled "Step 2" off of the screen protector.

Enjoy your newly-protected iPhone 5 screen!


Using the same method outlined above, apply the Epic protection film to the back panel of the iPhone 5.


In the case that dust has gotten trapped underneath either the front or back protector film on the iPhone 5, use the following guides as a suggestion for removing it.

Using a piece of cellophane tape as a handle, peel back the screen protector near the offending dust mote.


  • Lay a second piece of tape over the offending piece of dust, "grabbing" it from the surface of the screen.

  • Lay the screen protector back down and remove all the tape.

  • Enjoy your gorgeous (and safe) iPhone!